After the flooding process occurs then your home has to be restored.  After the overflow, and damages caused you have to start with the process that is referred to as the water damage restoration so that you can dry up your home.   Different processes take place during the water restoration process.


Some of the processes that take place include, loss assessment, the water damage is categorized based on the source of the water and the contamination levels, the drying process and the decontaminating the structure and all its contents, then the monitoring process and the completion phase.


Before the restoration  takes place the home have to be evaluated such that the suitable  response is taken, so that you can know and understand what you are dealing and the extent of the damages that the flooding have caused and therefore you will be prepared with all the right equipment, and you will know where to begin.   The technicians must also thoroughly examine the extent of the damages and document everything and also make the accurate estimates of the total cost of damages so that if the client had an insurance to cater for the damages the process would be smooth.  They should also identify the source of these damages so that all the right repairs can be done.


The water damages can be from various sources.  The water that comes from the sinks is much easier to deal with than the water that is coming from the raw sewage.  These categories are including -Category one which is water from a clean source such as the sinks, toilet bowls and the pipes that do not contain human wastes.  The other category is the water that might contain contaminants, and the sources of water is from equipment like washing machines, toilet with urine and the dishwashers.  The water can spread easily to other areas and cause damages to the home contents.  The Air Duct Cleaning Service Avon technicians have to also dry other places like on the carpets, electronics, books, drapes, and furniture.


Remove all the destroyed items and if others are destroyed beyond restoration there is no need to keep them, as other can cause even more damages if they won't dry completely and fast.  Throw away all the items that have been badly damaged and cannot be repaired.


The technicians start the drying and decontaminating process.  Some of the equipment that is used in this process include the blowers, subfloor drying, scrubbers and dehumidifiers equipment.  Ensure that all the damaged items are well dried before they are taken back in the house.  Humidity, temperatures and moisture have to be well monitored.  Technicians also use the mold inhibitors and the deodorizers so that they can get rid of the bad odors. Get more information here!